Community Disturbance and Nuisance Policy

The following language applies to vacation rentals booked on any Expedia Group brand sites .

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Vrbo, part of Expedia Group does not allow disruptive and/or unauthorized events in connection with its platform. Vrbo is committed to facilitating traveler’s to celebrate with their friends and loved ones by offering them the opportunity to travel better together and at the same time, discouraging disruptive and unauthorized events.

  • Events may be deemed disruptive or unauthorized if:
    • They are a frequent occurrence at a property, are disruptive to the neighborhood, and the partner has not taken action to mitigate;
    • They violate local public health limits on safe gathering size;
    • The partner did not know about in advance and did not give prior approval;
    • The traveler intentionally disguised, lied, falsified information provided to the partner;
    • The traveler posts open invitations for an event at the property, e.g., on social media;
    • The event exceeds occupancy of the property;
    • The event is otherwise categorized as unauthorized;
    • The event caused excessively loud noise, overcrowded streets, lewd behavior;
    • The event is in violation of the partner’s house rules as posted on Vrbo during the traveler’s booking experience.

Travelers found in violation of this policy may have their account terminated and any associated reviews removed from the platform.

Vrbo will work with partners to educate them on the risks of disruptive and unauthorized events. If we determine that partners have offered, hosted, or otherwise allowed travelers to host such events, they may be suspended or terminated.

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