Partner Access Rights Policy

The following language applies to vacation rentals booked on any Expedia Group brand sites.

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Travelers have every right to enjoy their rental space with a sense of security and privacy.

Partners should not enter the property unless it’s in response to an active emergency, or the traveler has provided prior consent to the partner.

  • Emergency reasons may include scenarios where first responders are deployed, such as fires or suspected criminal activity.
  • An emergency is not based on a partner’s subjective sense of what is urgent.

To obtain the traveler’s advance consent, partners must provide travelers with the purpose, time, and length of entry. Partners must make reasonable efforts to limit time spent at the property.

Non-emergency reasons for entry include time-sensitive utility maintenance and repairs that cannot wait until the booking is complete, such as a malfunctioning water heater. In situations like this, partners must provide travelers with advance notice and obtain their explicit consent. 

Partners must provide travelers with notice but are not required to obtain their consent when entering portions of the property that are outside of the rental space such as a tool shed that was not included in the listing description.

We have the right to suspend or terminate your account if these guidelines aren’t met.