Prohibited Conduct Policy

The following language applies to bookings, stays, and general interactions on any Expedia Group brand sites.

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Prohibited conduct includes:

  • Unreasonable conduct that is likely to result in physical harm to people or property
  • The use, distribution, consumption, manufacture, or cultivation of illegal or restricted drugs or other illegal or restricted substances.
    • Note: The possession and personal use by adults of cannabis in locations where it is legal and not in violation of a partner’s house rules is not prohibited, provided it is done so in accordance with local laws.
  • Commercial pornography
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Offering, soliciting, or engaging in commercial sex work
  • Human trafficking
  • Using, selling, or distributing fireworks in regions where such actions are illegal
  • Placing offensive content or materials in a rental location
  • Conduct that results in harassment

We have the right to suspend or terminate your account if these guidelines aren’t met.  We may also take other steps as obligated under the law.