We Believe Travel Is a Force for Good

When we power more travel, we unleash more opportunities to strengthen connections, broaden horizons and bridge divides.

Our mission is to power global travel for everyone, everywhere.

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We build connections. We leverage our platform and technology capabilities across an extensive portfolio of businesses and brands to orchestrate the movement of people and the delivery of travel experiences on both a local and global basis. We help our travelers and our partners find the right pathways  through millions of possibilities to reach the best possible outcome.

Powered by more than 70+ petabytes of data and 20+ years of tech innovation, Expedia Group is one of the world’s largest travel platforms. With unrivaled knowledge of the industry and advanced tech innovation, we built a two sided marketplace that allows us to filter through millions of different possibilities, for travelers and partners worldwide.

We are travelers and technologists. We work across time zones, hemispheres, cultures and languages. We’re used to breaking things down and building them back up again, until they’re even better. We know travel can be hard, but we also know that it’s worth it, every time. And because we believe travel is a force for good, we take our roles seriously. We’re here to build great products, and facilitate connections between travelers and our partners that truly bring good into the world.

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The Birth of Expedia.com

Expedia.com debuts on web in 1996 as one of the first online travel agencies:
Microsoft Expedia Travel Services. The journey to turn the screen around from the travel agent into the hands of the traveler begins.

A union between ‘Exploration’ and ‘speed’, the name ‘Expedia’ is born, and soon becomes synonymous with the new world of online travel.

They go public in 1999 in the heat of the dot-com boom and continue to grow through the early 2000’s, acquiring Travelscape in 2000 and launching a corporate travel arm in 2002.

The IAC Years

In 2003, IAC, Interactive Corp., a leading Internet and media company led by Barry Diller, invests in the travel space.

During this time, IAC acquired Expedia.com, Hotwire, Hotels.com, Egencia Corporate Travel, and Tripadvisor with an investment by eLong.

The Birth of Expedia, Inc.

In 2005, IAC celebrates their travel businesses’ success by creating and spinning off one public company, Expedia, Inc.

Expedia Inc, began trading regularly as an independent publicly traded company on the Nasdaq National Market on August 9, 2005 under the symbol “EXPE”

Under the leadership of Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia, Inc. embarks upon its independent journey - capitalizing upon the momentum from the past 10 years to build and form a Fortune 500 company.

The Formation of Expedia, Inc.

During these early years Expedia, Inc. begins to grow its portfolio and presence. After the successful IPO, the company is added to the S&P 500. New lines of businesses including activities and technology solutions such as Media Solutions and Partner Solutions are born. The company stands out as a forerunner in the industry, building innovative offerings that leverage technology to connect partners to travelers in new, meaningful ways. The brand portfolio also continues to grow with the acquisition of CruiseShip Centers, CarRentals.com and European based Venere.com.

In 2011, the focus on the Asia Pacific region builds with joint ventures and expanded partnerships with Air Asia, Tencent and eLong. In 2012, the company continues to grow in Europe with Via Egencia and spins off Tripadvisor to the public market.

Expedia, Inc. Grows

Once established, the company builds its breadth and depth at a rapid pace. It does so in a world that has rapidly digitized. As the world changes, travelers change too.

Vacation rentals, in smaller, hyperlocal destinations, are on the rise. And as travelers start to travel in new ways, we expand to meet them there, acquiring many beloved travel brands including: HomeAway and its family of Vacation Rental brands including Vrbo, Auto Escape, Wotif, Orbitz, Travelocity, and SilverRail, that expand the offering in many markets.

The company also invests in metasearch with a (2013) investment in trivago that later results in a (2016) public offering.

Introducing, Expedia Group

In 2018, Expedia, Inc becomes Expedia Group – recognizing the 20+ year journey to a vast two sided platform, home to a multitude of travel brands and technology solutions.

The focus of the company turns towards working better together, bringing brilliant minds across countries, teams and brands together and turning away from siloed work.

What's next

The pandemic changes the world, but it also rallies Expedians like never before. We act fast, launching recovery initiatives designed to support the business, our partners, destinations and industry.

Travel is a force for good, and we are a force for travel. At Expedia Group we believe travel can bring good into the world, and so our mission is to power global travel for everyone, everywhere.