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April 27, 2023

Despite 72% of Americans feeling the impact of inflation, U.S. travelers say they plan to travel in 2023 “no matter what”

SEATTLE — Today Expedia released its 23rd-annual Vacation Deprivation report, finding that global vacation deprivation levels have reached a 10-year high as working adults navigate inflation, workplace labor shortages and busy schedules. Despite these obstacles, a whopping 81% of travelers worldwide plan to take as many — if not more — trips in 2023, pledging to travel “no matter what.”

The 2023 report polled more than 14,500 people across 16 countries. Key findings on U.S. vacation deprivation include:

  • Americans receive and take the fewest vacation days annually compared to the rest of the world. 63% of U.S. working adults report they are vacation deprived, up from last year (59%).
  • More than half of U.S. (58%) and global (56%) respondents say their workplace or industry is battling labor shortages, making it challenging to take time off.
  • Despite 72% feeling impacted by inflation, Americans continue to prioritize travel. On average, they are twice as likely to cut back on their grocery bills and dining out than consider postponing a vacation.
  • Expedia flight data showing searches for summer getaways are up 25% year-over-year indicates Americans are on a path to reduce vacation deprivation in 2023.
  • New Expedia tools including Price Tracking & Predictions help vacation deprived Americans reclaim their time off, as nearly three-quarters (72%) of Americans say they find booking travel stressful in the search to find the best deal.

“Vacation Deprivation is feeling like you don’t have enough vacation time but it’s a sneakier, more complex syndrome than that,” says Melanie Fish, head of Expedia Group brands public relations. “Vacation deprivation is also not taking all the vacation time you’re entitled to because planning feels overwhelming. Expedia is really focused on making it easier for travelers to go, whether that's through flexible rates, price tracking for flights or member savings.”

To read more download the global 2023 Vacation Deprivation report here.

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