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Expedia Group April Travel Outlook

April 20, 2021
Expedia Group Travel Outlook April 2021

The restoration of routine and traditions people once took for granted means that travel will soon experience a revival.

More than a year after shutdowns and restrictions swept across the U.S. in response to COVID-19, the travel industry is starting to recover. As spring brings the promise of warm weather and outdoor activities, there’s a palpable buzz of anticipation among Americans. Many are counting down the seconds until they can take a long-awaited vacation on a sun-soaked beach, reconnect with colleagues in person, or gather with family and friends. Everyday life is within reach, or at least something like it.

The restoration of routine and traditions people once took for granted means that travel will soon experience a revival — and travel is already playing a critical role in bringing people together after time spent apart. But don't take our word for it. Below are top findings from our survey of 2,200 Americans conducted in collaboration with Morning Consult in April 2021.

1. The ongoing COVID-19 vaccine rollout is rebuilding traveler confidence.

  • Earlier this month, the CDC announced vaccinated people could travel safely. The news made 43% of Americans feel more comfortable traveling — or drove them to book an upcoming trip.
  • Meanwhile, 18% said the news didn’t influence their plans because they have already been traveling.

2. Vaccine vacations are trending.

  • One in three Americans plan to or have already taken a vacation to celebrate getting vaccinated.
  • West Coasters (37%) and those in the Northeast (37%) are the most eager to take a vaccine vacation, compared to folks in the Midwest (27%) and in the South (33%).

3. While Millennials and Gen Z are traveling the most, Seniors are starting to feel more comfortable going on trips.

  • Three in five Gen Z and Millennials plan to travel for leisure in the next six months.
  • While nearly 1 in 3 Boomers traveled for leisure since the pandemic began, 57% plan to do so soon.

4. There’s renewed interest in business travel.

  • Americans living in the Northeast (19%) and in the West (18%) are most likely to travel for work in the near future compared to people in the South (16%) and the Midwest (13%).
  • Those who plan to travel for work will take an average of 2.9 business trips in the next six months.

5. Sustainability is a priority for younger travelers.

  • With Earth Day on April 22, we asked travelers about their sustainable practices. Approximately half said they choose eco-friendly travel options at least part of the time.
  • Gen Z (67%) and Millennials (64%) are much more likely than Gen X (43%) and Boomers (32%) to consider sustainable travel options.

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