Peter Kern

Peter Kern, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kern has been a director of Expedia Group since completion of the IAC/Expedia Group Spin- Off, has served as Vice Chairman of Expedia Group since June 2018, and has served as Chief Executive Officer of Expedia Group since April 2020. 

Mr. Kern served on the board of directors of Tribune Media Company from October 2016 through the completion of Tribune Media’s merger with Nextstar Media Group, Inc. in September 2019, and served as Tribune Media’s Chief Executive Officer from March 2017 through September 2019. 

Previously, Mr. Kern also served as a Managing Partner of InterMedia Partners VII, LP, a private equity firm. Prior to joining InterMedia, Mr. Kern was Senior Managing Director and Principal of Alpine Capital LLC. Prior to Alpine Capital, Mr. Kern founded Gemini Associates in 1996 and served as President from its inception through its merger with Alpine Capital in 2001. Prior to founding Gemini Associates, Mr. Kern was at the Home Shopping Network and Whittle Communications. 

Mr. Kern has also served as Chairman of the board of directors of Hemisphere Media Group, Inc., a publicly-traded Spanish- language media company and as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of trivago N.V., a majority-owned subsidiary of Expedia Group, as well the boards of several private companies. 

Mr. Kern holds a B.S. degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.