Offline Booking Policy

The following language applies to Hotels and Vacation Rentals booked on any Expedia Group brand sites.

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Expedia Group (EG) does not allow offering, incentivizing, or directing travelers to accept bookings or payments off the EG platform. Such efforts are a marketplace violation and may result in penalties, including termination of the host. EG may require the partner to pay compensation when EG determines an offline booking occurred.

With that in mind, EG disallows the following behaviors:

  • Contacting potential travelers, prior to booking, to encourage, request, or incentivize them to book off the Expedia Group platform.
  • Requesting travelers to communicate via platforms or services outside of Expedia Group services prior to accepting a booking (e.g., email, text). For clarity, post booking communication is permitted until otherwise advised.
  • Redirecting travelers off the Expedia Group platform through links or embedded buttons in communications.
  • Cancelling an existing full or partial reservation to book outside of the Expedia Group platform.
  • Changing or presenting the reservation, payment schedule, or pricing in bad faith to avoid mandatory EG fees.

If a traveler needs to cancel and rebook, they should cancel the reservation from within the EG system and rebook through the EG platform. Rebooking directly with the partner offline is an offline booking and will not be eligible for Expedia protections and benefits for either partner or traveler.