Partner Provided Content Policy

The following language applies to content provided by partners or their agents, including text, image, video, or content created by generative AI on any Expedia Group brand site.  

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EG may delete or reject content that it determines is in violation of the Vrbo Terms of service, Expedia Terms of Service, Community Standards, Content Guidelines, or Vrbo Marketplace Standards

Where there are conflicts between preset fields and partner-submitted descriptions, EG may validate the accuracy of provided content and take actions to reconcile or remove conflicting or duplicated content. 

Content must not: 

  • Contain hate speech or symbols promoting hate.  
  • Contain violent or graphic content that promotes or glorifies violence. 
  • Contain sexually explicit content or content referencing sexual acts or services. 
  • Attempt to impersonate another person, account or entity including representatives of EG. 
  • Redirect travelers in the booking flow to another website, email, or phone number to secure a booking off the EG platform. 
  • Contain unapproved URLs, links, or hashtags. 
  • Use quoted material from websites, books, magazines, newspapers, or other sources. 
  • Use generative AI to mislead, misrepresent, or misconstrue the premises to drive bookings.  
  • Use generative AI to infringe intellectual property. 

Content must:  

  • Be related to offering, managing, and supporting travel. 
  • Comply with relevant intellectual property laws (trademark usage, copyright, etc.). EG reserves the right to update its IP-related moderation criteria and may not provide partners with advance notice of moderation changes. 
  • Provide travelers with accurate listing information including listing type.
  • Be refreshed within a reasonably appropriate period or upon any material change to previously provided information.  
  • Comply with privacy laws and respect any individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy. 
  • Gain consent from the third parties prior to providing images or information about children or any third parties without their consent (or a parent or legal guardian’s consent in the case of a child under 18 years of age) 
  • Only instruct, incentivize, or encourage travelers to make bookings on the EG platform. 
  • Limit communications with travelers to a reasonable frequency.  
  • Limit commercial endeavors to the purpose of booking travel. 
  • Only offer pricing guarantees, or fee information submitted as structured fees. 

Guidelines for specific types of content:

Video content:

Photo content:


  • Find out more about our review system here.

Community Standards

We expect all members of our marketplace to demonstrate respect and tolerance in their interactions with each other, both online and offline, and we reserve the right to remove anyone from our marketplace who fails to abide by these principles.

Know our marketplace policies: