Shared Space Policy

The following language applies to vacation rentals booked on any Expedia Group brand sites.

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We are committed to offering a private experience for guests. As such, our platform does not support shared space short term rentals. A shared space, or hosted listing, is a listing where the guest might share areas inside the property with the host or other guests not in their group. For example, we do not support dormitories or homestays.


  • Properties listed on Vrbo must include a secured entry to the guest’s rental space that must not be accessed through the host’s living space. This entry must also have a lock controlled solely by the guest (such as a deadbolt) to control access to the unit.
  • External shared spaces must be disclosed, but as they’re not living spaces (aka optional spaces such as laundry) they can be shared. 


  • Non-private living spaces (including bathrooms and kitchens) are not considered a shared space if that is the norm of the property type, such as micro-studios that share a common bathroom.
  • Contact outside of the listed rental space does not qualify as a shared space (community pools, recreation areas, hallways leading to the rental space, etc.)

Please contact us if you are unsure whether your listing is suitable for display on our platform.