Traveler Account Termination Policy

The following language applies to Hotels and Vacation Rentals booked on any Expedia Group brand sites.

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One of Expedia Group's (EG) guiding principles is to foster a diverse and inclusive community rooted in mutual understanding and respect. EG requires that its users adhere to its marketplace policies and uphold certain standards of conduct. EG may terminate a traveler account for the following behaviors:

  • Discrimination
  • Prohibited conduct
  • Community disturbance and nuisances
  • Blatant disregard for the property, maliciously or causing severe damage
  • Financial harm to partners or EG
  • Criminal activity; use of EG platform or services/products in furtherance of a crime (e.g., fraud, theft, etc.)
  • Tampering with safety equipment or other unsafe behaviors that could result in serious harm (e.g., disabling a smoke detector, removing safety equipment, etc.)
  • Serious disregard for the partner or EG (e.g., harassment, use of offensive language, images, symbols, etc.)

Future Bookings:
Accounts will no longer be accessible to the owner following termination. Any future bookings associated with the account will be canceled. Terminated accounts may forfeit refunds, OneKeyCash and any other loyalty program rewards and benefits (such as Expedia Rewards points, Rewards stamps, and reward nights) both earned and potential.